Mutants Are The Enemy!

I managed to finish a container I started to work on a couple of months ago. I used corrugated cardboard to assemble the container and painted it with multiple layers of blue and white. I found poster on the internet, soaked them in a mix of water and glue before I attached them to the walls.


The title indicates that there will be a hunt for mutants in The Hive. I recently bought Scavvie models from the original Necromunda game from 1995, so mayby I should try to develop a campaign where we hunt them down…….I will also throw in a couple of monsters:


But before that, I must finish my Orlocks. Second ganger was finished yesterday. I think this model looks slightly better than the first one.


Necromunda and Underberg

These days we only have 5-6 hour of sun light in Norway( comparable with life in The Hive) Its very  depressing but to day found a cure!! I discovered that a couple of Underbergs and a few hours painting my  Orlocks realy helps 😁. Am happy with the final result but there is obviously room for some improvements. I especially need to work on my hazard stripes.


On my desk i got nine unpainted Orlocks. once I finish them…. ……. I will have to buy Van Saar,  Delaque and Cawdor.

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